People have different backgrounds, experiences, beliefs, and worldviews in their life journeys. As a state school Chaplain, I offer social, emotional, and empowering support to the school community, without emphasizing my Christian faith.
Likewise, in my services here, as a chaplain, life coach, youth worker, and musician, I can serve people where they are at, helping them move towards their potential, whether they share the Christian faith or not.
However, I am very passionate about my faith in Jesus and my relationship with God, and I am more open about it as a blogger than with the school community or with clients unless asked to.

lending A helping hand. Working Together creatively.

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I offer a range of services and programs with the flexibility to suit different needs, aims, and goals, with a holistic framework.

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Music and Entertainment Services

With over 20 years in the music industry and 30 years playing guitar, I’m a highly experienced and professional working musician. Currently performing in Punchline Trio, Double Whammy Duo, Jess and the Baritone Duo, and Solo as Mr Baritone, across venues in South-East QLD.

From performing on the big stage, to showing beginners the ropes, I also offer guitar tuition. 

I also have been working on my own songs and plan to record and release some of them in the near future. In 2021 I had my first solo original music set at the Freedom Music Festival, and again in 2022 on Nov 5th.

Stay tuned for some live music videos, and some with inspirational messages, coming soon on the music page and on You Tube. 


There are 3 sections along with some of my history with music. 

1. Original Music details. 2. Live Covers Music details & contact for bookings. 3. Live Music Videos.  

Guitar Tutoring

Providing personalized guitar tuition for all ages. Mostly online, and some in-person options available for locals in the Noosa Hinterland, Queensland. 

UPDATE – Since loosing my Dad in November 2022 I have put most of this website on hold until further notice. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Ministry but likely to exit and finish in 2025 with a Diploma of Ministry and Theology and continue with the Website etc then, God-willing.