Chaplaincy Care

Some people really need compassionate listening from someone who truly cares, to share their burdens with, to help lighten their load. I am often driven by compassion and am passionate about offering chaplaincy care to people of all ages, including outside the school chaplaincy work I do part-time. This might include some of the following online or in-person – Deep and active listening, comforting, pastoral care & prayer if requested, informative & helpful resources, referral, advocacy, P.O.O.C.H empowerment process; and other social, emotional, and spiritual support. 

After attaining a commendation of high achievement for Cert IV Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care in 2020, I worked 18 months as a school chaplain in a state school supporting the students (1 to 1 and group activities etc), the parents, the staff, and school community. Sadly, my Dad passed away in 2022, so I experienced deep mourning and grief personally. I am very thankful for the time I had with Dad before then. Since March 2023 I am back at the same school as the chaplain and grateful to be supporting the school community again, employed through Scripture Union.

Additionally, I am accredited through Chaplaincy Australia who also offer free online info and phone support through their 1800chaplain service.

Contact me HERE for a FREE Chaplaincy Care 30 min online session.

If after that session you are interested in further sessions with me, I can arrange tailored sessions of ‘Life Coaching, Care, and Support’ according to your needs and at your own pace, starting with a free initial session. Or you can contact Chaplaincy Australia above for a free chat. 

You can check out my Life Coaching page for other options. I truly believe every person has purpose and potential to explore and enhance, no matter how many struggles they might have.

donation enquiry

If you are interested in financially supporting chaplaincy so I can increase my capacity to offer more free sessions to people in need, please contact me via email or phone to discuss this, and so you are aware of my accountability in managing financial support appropriately.