Life Coaching

Whether you have some life struggles to overcome, or just want to reach your goals, using a holistic framework I help people align their heart’s values, strengths & goals to overcome life struggles, as well as explore and enhance their purpose and potential.

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This Life Coaching is based on a holistic framework with '10 Facets of Life-Balance, Care, and Wellness'.  Using this framework, there is a full program which can be divided up into 5 clusters of facets. However, clients can set their own agenda for each session, whether part of the full program or just an individual session based on immediate needs.

Self-Care & Wellness

The Self-Care & Wellness cluster focuses on the following:

  • Sleep
  • Rest
  • Stress Management
  • Leisure
Lifestyle & Well-being

The Lifestyle & Well-being cluster focuses on the following:

  • Physical Health
  • Thoughts & Emotions
  • Social & Relational
  • Environment, Community & Society
Self-Development, Meaning & Purpose

The Self-develop  focuses on the following:

  • Spirituality
  • Passions
  • Strengths
  • Personality & Habits
Relationships & Social Life

The Relationship & Social Life cluster focuses on the following:

  • Social & Relational
  • Personality & Love Languages
  • Feelings
  • Spiritual Compatibility
Work, Finance & Study

The Work, Finance & Study cluster focuses on the following:

  • Occupation
  • Money Management
  • Education
  • Vocation


Core Program Full Package

Maximize your potential by exploring all 10 facets of life balance, care, and wellness.
  • Full Core Program
  • 12 Sessions (1hr each)
  • Set program covering all 10 facets

Partial CorE Program PACKAGE

Personalised program focusing on
one or more facets of
life balance, care, and wellness.
$ 240 Normally $340 AUD
  • Personalised Program
  • 4 Sessions (1hr each)
  • Special Launch Price

Individual Life Coaching Session

Individual personalized session
based on specific client needs.
$ 75 Normally $100 AUD
  • Individual session
  • 1 hour online session
  • Special Launch Price

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Holistic Program package


  • Are you struggling to find good life-balance or purpose?
  • Are you excelling in one or more areas of life to the detriment of other areas?
  • Have you been able to identify your values and strengths and apply them in life?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and far from your potential or heart’s desires?
  • Do you believe your heart’s desires are constructive for you and for society?


By EXPLORING 10 facets of life-balance, care, and wellness, I empower you to CLARIFY and align your heart’s values, desires, and goals to RESHAPE and renew your life towards your full potential & purpose; and to REFLECT and celebrate your accomplishments.

Dr Bill Hettler recognized the following six dimensions of wellness: Intellectual, physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and occupational. (1976)

After completing my ‘Life Coaching’ course, revisiting my previous studies, & reflecting on life experience, I established ’10 facets of Life-Balance, Care, and Wellness’. I expanded on Dr Hettler’s ‘6 Dimensions of Wellness’, and adapted the ‘Person in Society’ model and ‘Self Care’ plan from my ‘Cert IV Chaplaincy Care’ & my ‘Diploma of Youth Work’ studies, along with reviewing other personal & professional development.

For more details on the 10 faceted holistic program and other program packages, book a FREE initial ONLINE session and fill out the questionnaire. You can also read more in the blog post here.

Dimensions of Wellness ©1976 Bill Hettler, MD, Co-Founder, National Wellness Institute
Dimensions of Wellness ©1976 Bill Hettler, MD, Co-Founder, National Wellness Institute

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