Youth Life Coaching

In 2021 I completed a Diploma of Youth Work while working as a part-time school chaplain. I also have experience co-leading a Youth & Young Adults group aged 17 to 19 in 2014.

Additional to my care and compassion for anyone, I am particularly passionate about helping young people move towards their full potential with meaning and purpose. I offer  coaching programs for individuals, groups, or pairs. I also give inspirational and thought provoking talks at schools and events or camps etc.

With my Life Coaching holistic based programs, I can refer to 10 facets of Life-Balance, Care, and Wellness as a framework, but I tailor each youth coaching session according to individual or group needs and goals.

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Many people tend to struggle with finding good life-balance. Some excel in one or more areas of life to the detriment of other areas. Many people feel overwhelmed and are far from their potential or heart’s values and desires. This can be especially true for youth trying to navigate through school or university, or the transition into looking for work or starting a new job or apprenticeship etc! I meet youth where they are at while considering the following framework.

By EXPLORING 10 facets of life-balance, care, and wellness, I empower young people to CLARIFY and align their heart’s values, desires, and goals to RESHAPE and renew their life towards their full potential & purpose; and to REFLECT and celebrate their accomplishments.

Some of the benefits of my Youth Coaching include:

  • Compassionate care and support so youth feel heard and valued
  • Develop clarity in their heart’s values, desires, and strengths
  • Develop greater self-awareness and social-awareness
  • Learn to navigate through life’s challenges and develop resilience
  • Learn good problem solving and planning skills
  • Find greater meaning and purpose according to their values
  • Reflect on their journey of life so far 
  • Celebrate any progress and accomplishments

For more details on the 10 faceted holistic program, go to ‘Life Coaching’ or register below.  

Available coaching program packages

Partial Core Program PACKAGE

Personalised program focusing on one or more facets of life balance, care, and wellness.
$ 240 Normally $340
  • Personalised Program
  • 4 Sessions (1hr each)
  • Special Launch Price


Maximize your potential by exploring all 10 facets of life balance, care, and wellness.
$ 600 Normally $900
  • Full Core Program
  • 12 Sessions (1hr each)
  • Special Launch Price

Goal-Focused Package

Personalised goal-focused or problem-solving sessions based on specific client needs.
$ 280 Normally $380
  • Personalised package
  • 4 Sessions (1hr each)
  • Special Launch Price


Individual personalized session based on specific client needs.
$ 75 Normally $100
  • Individual Session
  • 1 hour online session
  • Special Launch Price

Additional Options: Ongoing Mentoring, Guitar Tutoring + Mentoring package.

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